Quote of the day!

i just stumbled across this quote  by Anthony Obum Okorie on the "Ndigbo" forum on facebook, i just hope you all grab.

"He wears a bullet proof and goes on bullet proof cars, well guarded by armed policemen and he tells you an APRON, which he sells at the price of 1000 NAIRA but costs 130 NAIRA to produce, will protect you against any form of attack from armed robbers, hired assassins ......etc. He makes you believe angels are on guard always, whenever the APRON is worn.  If he notices any sign of sickness, he flies to the best hospital in the world to receive medical attention and admonishes you to drink water from a soaked white handkerchief
My brother , My sister you are a good example of ZOMBIE!!!"
i didn't say anything abeg ooo!


  1. True talk my bro, i wonder why people follow their fellow man sheepishly without making good use of their common sense. God will help us in naija.

  2. hahaha we understand oh. is d chosen people of God. They are d only ones God chose.


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